Ro-Ro Transportation

RO-RO, which consists of the shortening of the words Roll on and Roll off, refers to the transportation of wheeled vehicles from one place to another by ships, and the ships carrying this kind of cargo are called Ro-Ro ships, and this type of transportation is called RO-RO Transportation.

Adopting a customer-oriented service approach, Everest Shipping continues to offer alternative and economical solutions to its customers thanks to its ro-ro service.

We can classify the cargoes we carry with RO-RO under 3 main titles

  • Static loads / Construction equipment, Boat, Container, Tow Truck, Generator, Tank etc.
  • Towable cargoes (towable) / Trailer, mobile concrete batching plant, yacht, boat etc.
  • Self propelled / Automobile, Bus, Truck, Tractor, Mobile Crane, Pallet and Flexible construction machines etc.

Why RO-RO Transportation?

  • Low risk of damage during loading and unloading.
  • There is no risk of damage due to sea water, especially during transportation, as the warehouse is loaded inside.
  • Loading and unloading times are fast and costs are low.
  • Voyage time is shorter due to high speeds.