Special Equipment Transportation

All kinds of cargo, in the size, tonnage and volume that cannot be transported by standard (dry) containers require special equipment and in this context, expertise, experience, planning and organizational skills are required.

Our Services Regarding Special Equipment Transportation

  • Determination of equipment suitable for the size and tonnage of the goods to be loaded (20’/40’open top, flat rack, platform etc.)
  • Using the most suitable option in terms of project cost, considering all the criteria regarding shipment.
  • Taking the goods from the address and delivering them to the address, depending on the size, tonnage and route, obtaining low bed vehicle at both ends, obtaining the road permit and using the escort.
  • Providing crane when needed, organizing processes such as stuffing, unstuffing, lashing and unlashing.
  • Preparation of a custom tarpaulin for the overflow equipment
  • Insurance
  • Surveillance service and reporting at both ends